Friday, July 20, 2007

Singapore Marathon: A definite NO this year

Running a marathon away from India feels great when flight rates are cheaper, the scenic beauty during the run and the aura built around the marathon itself (like Boston or New York marathon). This is what Singapore Marathon is all about, probably the best in this sub-continent. For Chennai runners, there is an added package. Most bachelors are planning to do a Thailand. Given all these particularly Thailand and recent high after 30 * 30 ECR run, Yes it is tempting to do a Singapore Marathon.

This is scheduled on December 2nd and the registration is already open. Early registration works out cheaper and few of fellow runners have already registered. Chennai Runners targets to field atleast 10 for the run. Though would be great to participate, i am not prepared yet to party at 42.9 KMs. Possibly need to do couple of half before a full. Running a full is all about endurance, stamina, hard-work, planning and mental toughness. It requires good amount of preparation, looks like a far away dream at this point. Would possibly think about it next year (2007) but a definite NO this year. All is not lost, Bangalore is scheduled sometime in October and Chennai in December. Planning to do an half in these events.

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