Saturday, June 30, 2007

TCS on hiring spree

In a recently concluded campus interview in Chennai, TCS offered placements to 1000 engineers in a day. This is a mammoth recruitment, possibly a world record too!!. I believe the current strength of TCS is 90K and they are likely to touch 100K in few months from now at this rate.

What makes TCS to go on a hiring spree especially fresher’s. There are combination of reasons to this, they are

1) There is an ever growing market for Software as such. Still there is huge number of things to be automated. S/W needs to breakthrough sectors where there is dependence on manual labor yet, making a great demand for s/w professionals. Simple equation, demand is kind of exponentially higher than supply.

2) Of course the outsourcing story which we all know adds more workforces to Asian based S/W enterprises

3) This factor is bit tricky. The Indian based MNC's are seriously in to cost cuttings after the recent downfall in dollar rate against the rupee. The thinking is that replacing an experienced engineer with a fresher this was echoed by CFO of TCS in one of his interview with a popular news channel. This is quite terrorizing, people like me with 7 yrs exp need to be watchful and careful, better to go on their own :-)

All these days and still there is a good demand for junta with 1 to 3 yrs experience but i believe this demand would subside as the cost of hiring a fresher and training him/her for 3-6 months is much cheaper than a paying a experience candidate with 1 to 3 yrs as the output from both of them would is same

If TCS hires 1000 in a day, imagine how much Infosys, Wipro, Satyam, CTS and HCL would hire ?

Toss up between Chennai and Singapore Marathon

This year both Chennai and Singapore Marathon are scheduled in December. Singapore marathon is scheduled on 2nd December but dates are not yet available for Chennai marathon.

I believe it’s quite unlikely for both to occur on same day. If so there is a problem of choice for studs of Chennai Runners. Ram, Hari, Shumit, Shahid, KK, Vidyut have already decided to skip Chennai Marathon for Singapore Marathon. What I hear is that Singapore Marathon is organized lot better than Chennai Marathon.

For junta like me the choice is simple, easy and obvious.

Ultimate Frisbee: Ultimate Fun

A game one would fall in love instantly. A fairly simple game without much complications. It is exciting, fascinating and yet demanding. It's played more like an American football but completely a non-contact game. The picture summarizes what we often do during the game.

We play every Saturday at Besant Nagar beach starting at 5:20 AM. The game stretches for abt an hour and quarter mins with couple of 5 mins breaks. At the end, every one runs out of steam. If you are keen to play, subscribe to this group

The highlight of Ultimate Frisbee group in Chennai is "Murugan Idli Kadai". Junta after sweating out for more than an hour end up for breakfast at Murugan Idli kadai for tasty Sambar Vadais, Idlies, Masala Dosas, Pongals etc. We have special invitees who directly make it to Murguan... from bed :-)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Piyush Chawla: Lets Wait and Watch

I watched Piyush Chawla bowling against South Africa in one of the recent one-day match in Ireland. I was impressed, thought was a good find. Unlike Anil, Piyush bowls geniune leg spin. In an era of Warnes, Kumbles, It is difficult for any new leg-spinner without being compared with these greats.

In more than a century of Cricket, World has produced great leg spinners like Richie Benaud, Subash Gupte, Vinod Mankad, Chandrasekar, Ramdin from past era. In early eights there was a paucity of leg-spinner until Sivaramakrishan burst in to scene with his beautiful googlies, flippers and dipping deliveries but soon went in to oblivion. Hirwani too started with a bang by picking 16 wickets against West Indies in Chennai but never was a bowler who was looking to pick wickets. Pakistan produced Abdul Kadir, Mustaq Ahmed who made decent name for themselves.

The art of leg spin was slowly fading until this man called Shane Warne made debut against India in early nineties. He bambozzled the world especially The South Africans(notabally Darren Cullian), The New Zealanders, The Britishers, The West Indians and Pakistanis. He had a fair bit of success against Srilankans but not against Indians. Who can forget the onslaught by Sidhu and Tendulkar against Warne. Shanes contemporary was Anil Kumble. Anil is completely different bowler than Shane. Unlike Shane who had loads of talent, Anil banked on persistance, commitment and hardwork. Anil was more like Chandra and Shane was a geniune leg spinner like Vinod Mankad and Richie Benraud

The other leg spinners who either are in circuit or requires a special mention are Dinesh Kaneria, Shahid Afridi and Staurt Macgill. Macgill is unlucky to be in same era as Warne. Another man who could challenge Warne on googlies and fillipers on his day is "Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar"

Where would Piyush fit in ?. Lets wait and watch.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Best Run

Covered 11kms in span of 1hr and 20 mins non-stop today. This is my personal best along with Chennai Runners tough i was the last one to finish. Anyways, "How a race run is more important than winning" :-).

The last time i ran more than 10Kms was way back in my school days, possibly 1-1/2 decades ago. It looks like a century now. Yeah this happened in 20th Century!!


Awesome picture of Redcherry. I remember a comment from Wasim Akram not in exact words though

"A red-cherry is like a beautiful women. It needs to be treated gently."

Why blog ?

Most bloggers starts of with this question, Why blog ?. I too jumped on this bandwagon by asking the same question. I tried very hard, searched every bit to find out an answer but nothing really came out.

Why blog ?: To log. As simple as that!

Possibly you could find stuffs about my daily runs with Chennai runners, Abt Ultimate Frisbee, Something on Flute etc.

Definitely nothing official!!