Saturday, June 30, 2007

TCS on hiring spree

In a recently concluded campus interview in Chennai, TCS offered placements to 1000 engineers in a day. This is a mammoth recruitment, possibly a world record too!!. I believe the current strength of TCS is 90K and they are likely to touch 100K in few months from now at this rate.

What makes TCS to go on a hiring spree especially fresher’s. There are combination of reasons to this, they are

1) There is an ever growing market for Software as such. Still there is huge number of things to be automated. S/W needs to breakthrough sectors where there is dependence on manual labor yet, making a great demand for s/w professionals. Simple equation, demand is kind of exponentially higher than supply.

2) Of course the outsourcing story which we all know adds more workforces to Asian based S/W enterprises

3) This factor is bit tricky. The Indian based MNC's are seriously in to cost cuttings after the recent downfall in dollar rate against the rupee. The thinking is that replacing an experienced engineer with a fresher this was echoed by CFO of TCS in one of his interview with a popular news channel. This is quite terrorizing, people like me with 7 yrs exp need to be watchful and careful, better to go on their own :-)

All these days and still there is a good demand for junta with 1 to 3 yrs experience but i believe this demand would subside as the cost of hiring a fresher and training him/her for 3-6 months is much cheaper than a paying a experience candidate with 1 to 3 yrs as the output from both of them would is same

If TCS hires 1000 in a day, imagine how much Infosys, Wipro, Satyam, CTS and HCL would hire ?

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Anonymous said...

First of all, if all your statements are true, here is my comments at first shot
"Indian IT industry is moving from Customer Centric to Profit Centric" paradigm, which is dangerous because....

If all the experienced engineers are going to be replaced, what will happen to middle level managers like project managers, project leads, senior managers. The current day experienced people are going to be tomorrow's PM/SM.

In some of the software companies you mentioned there is scarcity of middle level managers couple of years back. Also, the less experienced people will become more experienced in couple of years. And it will increase the attrition directly (after two yrs). Looking from the customers' point of view, they may not like the changes if it happen quite often. If the IT industry is trying to handle this in an adhoc way without a strategy, it is going to starve in future.

Moreover, these software companies should not offer the service for a lesser amount. If they continue to bill the same amount, it means that the Indian human resources are becoming cheaper. At some point of time, they need to think about increasing the billing amount and they cannot keep this heavy burden on the people's head entirely.

Also a year back, NASSCOM gave a projection (i m not sure about the exact number) on the requirements of skilled engineers. I remember that was pretty high number and for managing those new people, we need experienced people.

I m not in a financial domain and i can tell clearly about the drop in dollar value. But I feel that is good as I can get more dollars for a rupee. Do you have any views on increase in dollar value.

Also, this may be the right time to develop software/hardware for our nation. This will make more product companies to be started up in India.