Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Full Marathon Experience

I was supposed to have ran Singapore Marathon last year but missed it out at the end. The Singapore ghost continued and was determined to complete this time. I started the preparation after ECR10 by gradually increasing the mileage from 30 kms/week to 60 kms/week in a span of 2-1/2 months. By the end of 2-1/2 months, I ended up having an injury and subsequently met with a minor accident which robbed 3 weeks of my preparation time. Ultimately, I was forced to change my plan to concentrate more on the completion rather than the timing. Hence I decided to do 4:1 (4 mins of running, 1-min walking). Mean time, I got very useful tips from VPS, Karthik, Navin, and Hari (Hyd) on how to face the D-day based on their own experiences.

On reaching Singapore, Ramesh, Shiva, and I shared a cottage which we had booked already. Ramesh's knowledge on various aspects of marathon is highly commendable. I got to learn quite a lot including how to keep a check on diet, to maintain salt content etc. In fact Ramesh is quite knowledgeable on other stuffs as well. At one stage he had to teach Shiva Aa ba ca da… :-). Oh boy we had real fun.

All of us were completely relaxed before and on the day of marathon. Race started dot at 5:30. I knew that one would get drenched with sweat during the first 5 kms as humidity level was quite high. So, I decided not to be ambitious but take it slowly and steadily. Since I am prone to loose more salts, I made sure to keep myself hydrated by drinking a sip of water & 100+ whenever provided. First hour went without much notice, had covered about 7 kms. I knew the pace was quite slow but wanted to keep this pace for next 5-6 hrs. I continued with 4:1 model in the 2nd and 3rd hr as well. I had completed half in about 2:55, by then I knew 5:30 was out of reach and started to try for a 6-hr completion. Next 2 hrs (4th and 5th hr) went on perfectly fine. I enjoyed the entire atmosphere, the music that was playing on my mp3 player, beach side view, and everything. Around 27 km’s mark, I met Sangeetha. We ran together till 31, and I insisted her to do a 4:1. I completed 35 kms in about 5 hrs, and knew that 6 hrs was within the reach. But after 36 kms, it was a bit difficult to move my feet and so gave up 4:1, tried 3:2, and even 2:1, but nothing worked. So I walked for about 10 mins and did a walk¬¬–run like what I did along with Ramani and Venu sir in ECR10. I managed to reach 40 kms around 5:50. During the 40th km, I could not run as emotions took-over, but managed to walk for next 1.5 kms and started running again only after seeing the “Finish line” just for “Snaps”?. My official timing is 6:10:55 secs.

I was completely normal after run and met Ramesh and Siva at the finish point. We went back to our cottage and took rest for some time and caught our flight to Chennai in the evening. The whole journey was a complete fun and I had a “whale of time” with Ramesh and Siva.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Deepam gets some ink

Deepam is an initiative by people involved in teaching underprivileged kids who are away from normal stream of education. This initiative got some ink in TOI. Click HERE, choose education section on left side and select page-36. Look at right hand side with heading “Bright Idea”.

If you are keen to pass on your knowledge for better tomorrow. Subscribe to deepam via

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bhagyada lakshmi baramma

Composed by Purandara das set in Madhayamavati, Bhagyada lakshmi barama is a famous Carnatic kriti. Listen to Hindustani style sung by Pt. Bhimsen Joshi. Have also added Sudha Rajunathan rendition too.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Descartes and Me

This liner is printed on my new-T. Good that Descartes died long time back :-).

Friday, May 23, 2008

Faith and Science

Experts from recent argument between Justice R V Raveendran and Justice Sorabjee on Ram-Sethu issue.

Sorabjee: "It is a long-established tradition in the country to worship the structure, which is believed to have been built by Lord Rama."
Raveendran: "Hindus worship the Earth, Ganga, the Gobardhan mountain and trees, (but) that does not mean that people do not do anything with them."
Sorabjee replied: "There is no need to look for any historical or scientific evidences whether Lord Rama made it or not, but that it is the faith of millions of people in this country."

Source Deccan-Herald

It has become a common thing to prove some faith scientifically by believers and disprove scientifically by non-believers. Big-bang itself a theory yet. So why see any faith from purview of science ?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Kodai Fly Baba Tourney Pics

Click HERE for few pics of Kodai fly baba tourney. This tourney could probably be first Ultimate tournament in India. We had 4 cities (Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Kodai) participating. Kodai team won Ultimate's ultimate. Though I could not get many games to play, the whole trip was fun and learning. Believe more snaps in the offing.

Look at the ground, it’s simply gorgeous. It looks more like Chepauk stadium at Chennai. BTW, these snaps were shot by LTF (Learning To Fly) team. This team have some amazing Ultimate players.

Friday, April 18, 2008