Sunday, September 9, 2007

Chennai Runners run through "India Today"

This time Chennai Runners (CR's) ran through the pages of India Today rather than running on the roads. This was easier and much more benefiting. After "The Hindu" covered CR's couple of months back, India Today covered on September 17th 2007 edition. This is a big leap for this amazing group. On the different note, Rupert from University of Edinburg (Switzerland) joined us for the run, he was quite bemused that these stuffs get published on to National daily/Magazines. According to Rupert, these are considered to be College news else where.

Here is scanned format of the article

Saturday, September 8, 2007


What is Sneha?
*SNEHA* is a suicide prevention organization started in 1986 and offers emotional support for the depressed, desperate and the suicidal.

Some facts about Suicide in India?
- Every five minutes, someone somewhere in India attempts suicide
- Suicide is Third major cause of death in India. (This is stunning)
- Annually around 10Lakh people commit suicide in India- Suicide is most common among youngsters.

How can running help?
Apart from good fitness levels, Long distance running is about endurance, patience and constant improvement. During runs there is a definite thought to give it up but then one has to keep egging oneself to stay as long as possible. At these period one would normally look for inspiration from fellow runs, great sportspersons etc. All these definitely has good psychological effects.

Some facts about running
- Nelson Mandela used to run long distance when he was in prison. According to Mandela, running helped him to cover lot of negatives he had carried for long time.
- Andrew Agassi ranking slipped close to 200 at one point of time. At that point, he used to run 10 Miles in the morning as well as in the evening. He believes long distance running was one of the many factors for him getting back top 5 in rankings and kept him playing for longer time.
- Dirubhai Ambani used to run 10 Kms almost daily until age of 60.
- Makhaya Nitini runs 20 Kms daily to stay himself fit.
Organizing a mini-marathon is a fitting way to celebrate Suicide prevention day.

More about Sneha:

Religion without GOD.

Does it make any sense if there were a Religion without god? . I am talking about a religion called Cricket and GOD is everyone’s guess, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

It was a shake along the spine when the fabricated news broke out probably by cricinfo about Sachins retirement. Then believing the news was true, was feeling resigned and also dumbfounded, why Sachin announced his retirement given the fact that he is playing out of his skin in England after long long time.

Right from the time we all started to follow Cricket seriously, Sachin was always the talk of Indian Cricket for all right and wrong reasons. Though lot of talented cricketers like Jadeja, Sehwag, Kambli, Praveen Amre, Kaif to name a few have waxed and waned apart from few like Dravid, Ganguly, Tendulkar played at the top most of the time. Breaking to international scene at tender age during India-Pakistan in Pakistan, He has carried his bat for about 2 decades now, starting from a generation where Cricket was played like an art to a generation where Cricket is more of a power game. Certainly, shouldering the burden of Indian Cricket sometimes single handedly.

Few refreshing knocks from his repertoire are 143 against Australia in Saharja, 98 against Pakistan in WC 2003, 81 against New Zealand in New Zealand where he first chose to open in One day internationals for the first time, 136 against Pakistan in Chennai, His first century in Test against England, Little cameo of Abdul Kadir, 44 against West Indies in Barbados (Batting on a crumbling pitch), oh the list is endless from a glittering carrier.

Sachin has become a strong part of Indian cricket rather international cricket, largely considered as GOD of cricket. It is quite unimaginable to think about cricket without Sachin. Can GOD retire?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ten reasons why a startup fails.

Met up with young entrepreneurs (few going to be) at Chennai Open Coffee Club. It was nice to see young guys have started their own firm. I also observed an increasing and interesting trend where few starters have dropped out of college to start their own firm. Though most of their focus business was more like Google (online marketing/advertising), a hard technical based startup was obviously missing. The discussion started with ice-breaking session disintegrating in to smaller group discussing their ideals etc. With in hours of this meeting, Siddhi posted this on to Ning forum on reasons why a startup fails. Here are those 10 reasons

1) Poor Execution
2) No Viable Market
3) Too Much Leverage
4) Undercapitalizing the business
5) Lack of competitive advantage
6) Competing head-to-head with industry leaders
7) Picking a niche that is too small
8) Breakup of the founding team
9) Poor pricing strategy
10) Growing too fast

Here is the original article.

Interesting read though!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Flipper side of great Indian growth

It may be tempting for junta living outside India for about a decade now to seriously think of returning given the buzz around India like "Reverse brain drain", "High salary levels", "Happening place", "Hot job market" etc. Though the living conditions have improved a lot but living as such has become lot tougher and challenging. The list below is little stuff you may have to encounter almost daily.

1) Traffic Jams.
2) Raising cost (house rents, expensive hotels etc)
3) Long travels from home to office
4) Haggling with Auto drivers
5) Long queues at any form of hang outs like theatres, pubs, beaches etc
6) Always overflowing Food malls and shopping complexs
7) Pollution levels

Though few in the list may appear trivial but definitely one would not want to experience them on a day to day basis. The big losers are retired old people!!