Monday, September 3, 2007

Flipper side of great Indian growth

It may be tempting for junta living outside India for about a decade now to seriously think of returning given the buzz around India like "Reverse brain drain", "High salary levels", "Happening place", "Hot job market" etc. Though the living conditions have improved a lot but living as such has become lot tougher and challenging. The list below is little stuff you may have to encounter almost daily.

1) Traffic Jams.
2) Raising cost (house rents, expensive hotels etc)
3) Long travels from home to office
4) Haggling with Auto drivers
5) Long queues at any form of hang outs like theatres, pubs, beaches etc
6) Always overflowing Food malls and shopping complexs
7) Pollution levels

Though few in the list may appear trivial but definitely one would not want to experience them on a day to day basis. The big losers are retired old people!!

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