Monday, August 27, 2007


These days the talk around Indian cricket is not about the matches played on the cricket field or about the current players rather matches played inside the four walls and about old players: It is ICL vs BCCI trickling down to Kapil vs Sunny. Hope this does not get down to Maharashtra vs Bengal.

Though, i am not in any position to comment if Zee were right coming up with ICL but definitely this move has divided cricket in India, to some extent in others countries like Pakistan, New Zealand, suspect would Bangladesh would soon fall inline. It is easy to guess that BCCI is squarely to blame for this fiasco, An organization completely in doldrums does not believe in dynamic administration faced a rude shock when ICL got in poaching business sooner than expected. The exodus of state players from Hyderabad and Bengal has hit BCCI hard that it immediately hiked pay-scale for Ranji Players.

What was BCCI doing all these years? Why there is sudden interest to hike pay and to start a Professional cricket league (PCL) in parallel to ICL?

Finally, Sunny who i think is running BCCI from behind is a man who always plays safe like his batting style. AFAIK, he has always avoided responsibility/position that is always tough and controversial like Indian coach job, selector job en all. Now, making him the head of PCL is clear showdown between Sunny vs Kapil.

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