Monday, January 21, 2008

Sidhu on Ganguly's omission for ODI's

"I challenge Mr Vengsarkar to an open debate. If he can convince me on why he dropped Ganguly then I will leave NDTV for a lifetime, otherwise he has to quit. You can't drop because you don't like somebody's face. Otherwise bring in Hema Malini," said Sidhu.

What can you say...

Friday, January 18, 2008

A big step backward !!

I am appalled to hear about the reservations in private sectors in UP. I don't politically understand either as Mayawati win was majorly due to Tagores who are part of upper caste community. Though this reservation announced is for private sector firms executing projects for the state government, I believe, this is going to have big ramifications. Probably the first step towards reservations in Private sectors.

States like TN would soon follow. Infact there is a possibility of these govt going a step forward where would force reservations on private firms, if they were to setup up a centre in their state.

Will we be happy if US or Euro slap a reservation or tax high for all outsourced job ?

See HERE for news


Have a look at both these videos. First one is on how tricks appear to us as audience and second is possibly how these magicians and his team practice. Performing these require good precision and tons of practice.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Nano a.k.a 'Despite Mamta'

Ratan Tata dream of getting a low cost car has come true. All the apprehensions about the power, mileage, safety en all has put to rest as these parameters are comparable to Maruti 800 at much lower rate. Right from the housewife’s to auto-richawallas to top business tycoons are talking about Nano. The reason being, Nano is competitor for bike, auto and car segment. Not only people of India are talking about it but people from western world are cognizant of such a cheap car, as cheap as $2500.

What would effect of Nano to India market. Will Auto, bikes cease to exist? What about parking space, traffic jams or pollution issue? Is it similar to cell-phone revolution started by Reliance? Well, to answer all these we need to wait and watch.

Cartoon below was from "The Hindu" dated 10 Jan 2008.

P.S: If you believe Nano would be hit then sell whatever car/bike you hold now. If Nano is decent hit, I am sure it would pull rates of others.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Is racism to do with culture ?

OZ's 16 straight victory under Ponting at Sydney is marred by controversies for all to see. What is Racism all about? I am not sure if Bajji called Symonds a Monkey but definitely the culture difference is what has surfaced. Look at this, In India it is fine to take on someone by calling Monkey/Donkey/Dog but despicable to use abusive words like F****r or B*****d but it appears that Aussies are fine with these abusive words but don't tolerate calling them Monkeys or Donkeys.

Is Racism more to do with culture?

Running Festival - ECR Run 5

This is 5th ECR run for the group and 3rd for me. I decided to do a half in below 2hrs to 30 mins without any stoppages, glad could complete half in 2 hrs and 15 mins. A dip at cold sea at MGM resort was soothing after the run and finally breakfast made the day.

"Chennai Runners" now has a new blog, click HERE for more info. Don't miss snaps on the FLICKR.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

TVS Live Narada Gana Saba: 2007

M'Jay in action

He is my cousin's son. About 2 months old

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ultimate Frisbee Finals Pics

Click HERE for few more CUF Finals pics