Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Run on the cards.

It's a busy fortnight for Chennai Runners. Couple of BIG runs are lined-up starting Tuesday July 3rd.

July 03 (Tuesday): 5KMs interval run
July 04 (Wednesday): 5KMs easy run
July 05 (Thursday): 11KMs run
July 06 (Friday): Possibly a 5KMs run easy run
July 07 (Saturday): Off
July 08 (Sunday): 25KMs

Aha, if someone does all the runs, would have covered 51KMs. A cracker of an experience. Would be happy if i can cover 35KMs.

A repeat of same scheduled is followed next week, finally wrapped with 30KMs run on ECR July 15th (Sunday). I am looking for this ECR run. Junta has already tried it. The route is from Toll booth to Mahabs making it around 30KMs. It's scenic route with beach on long side, trees around, less traffic. The plan is to start the run at 4:30 AM, a good opportunity for runners like me to stretch beyond the limits, say to 15-20KMs. Finally take a bus/auto to Mahabs.

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