Friday, July 13, 2007

Chennai and Rain.

Can you believe, I am talking about rains in Chennai during Dr. Karunanidhi's regime? Yes, Chennai has been receiving consistent showers for sometime now. These rains would have definitely made Jayalalitha to loose sleep over. The normal feeling "It does not rain in Karunanidhi's regime" is no more a favourable factor for Jayalalitha anymore.

Chennai and Rains are no longer exclusive as it sounds to be, infact they go hand in hand like Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh. The day usually starts with sun beating down heavily quite early in the morning and reaching its peak in the afternoon but the scenario is completely different in the evening and night. It rains like cats and dogs leaving the roads inundated with water. The traffic is almost standstill and looks like the junta is not to prepared to these rains. Should we get prepared for such rains year on year?

Normally, Chennai gets its share from low pressure built across Bay of Bengal belt. These recent ones are more of a monsoon rains. This unusual change is something for meteorological department to answer. I have been observing these changes in weather conditions for past few years especially after Tsunami that hit Indian sub continent in December 2004. Things are different after Tsunami. There is no consistent trend but Chennai gets its share of required rain for its ever growing population somehow. It's become normal to attribute every change to "Global Warming", Can this change attributed to "Global Warming" as well?

If you start getting up early than usual time from tomorrow, would be attributed to "Global Warming" but not your effort!!

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