Wednesday, July 4, 2007

MOMs Soup: It's different

I plan to write about small eat-outs in Chennai that i think is good, tasty and worth trying. For people who know me well, yes these eat-outs are inexpensive. First in the list is MOMs Soup.

MOMs Soup is a little soup shop in West Mambalam on the side lines of Station Road. The road that leads to Railway Station "Mambalam". Soups served here is hot, tasty, healthy and different to all soup one would have tasted. There is a bit of variety here. On all days, this soup would serve Tomato, Vegetable, American Corn and one of
"Manathakali"/"Kivanalli"/"Thuthuvalli" etc. The cost varies from Rs 5 to Rs 7 with a splash of corn. Imagine having a serving when it rains in Chennai. Believe me it rains often these days.

If you are around Ayodhaya mandapam ask for station road. Would find this shop opposite to Arun Ice-creams. There is couple of soups shop. One is MOMs and other is Mummys. The latter I believe is bad.

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