Monday, July 9, 2007

Long run wrapped with long chat with Dr. Kannan Pugazhendi

It was good statisfying run this Sunday, covered 17Kms in 2hrs and 30 mins. I did not plan anything in advance as planning never works in my case, wanted to work it out at every instant on the run. Made sure to keep applying myself on the tough stretchs like one starting from IIT to Adyar gate, another from lattic bridge to Velankanni chruch and concentrate hard on last few KMs.

Got up at 4:15 A.M. drank half cup coffee, immediately off to YMCA to join the group. My mom got up along with me for this half cup coffee. Normally, I don't allow her to wakeup at such crazy timings but did not stop her from doing this time. Half cup coffee refreshed me much quicker than expected.

We started this run around 5:10 AM starting from YMCA along Chamiers road, Greenways road, Lattic bridge, Besant Avenue, Besant nagar beach, Velannkani Church, Straight to Tidal park road, Madhyakailash, IIT, Annauniversity, Coturpurram and back to YMCA. In all it is bit more than 17KMs. After the run we had long chat with Dr.Kannan Pugazhendi. He was the Indian team physio & sports medicine doctor during tour of West Indies in 1976 and the Indian Hockey team to Atlanta, he gave insight on Preparation for a marathon, while running and recovery. He stressed on nitty-gritty details that we generally miss could make a difference to long distance running. Dr. Kannan is planning to write forth-nightly articles on general fitness and long distance running on "The Hindu" starting next month. The whole stuff got over at 10 AM.

The best part was reserved after i came back home. My breakfast was ready. Ate Sambar Rice, Rasam Rice and Curd Rice. Ending up with an ice-cream. Hit the bed around 12:00 and got up around 4:00 PM. Fantastic day indeed!!


Anonymous said...

Great job Bhargav..How much do you weigh now?

Bhargav said...

Weight has not reduced much though. It's hovering around 63Kgs.