Saturday, July 21, 2007


This is neither about 100+ energy drink nor about Tendulkar scoring century against South Africa in the recent one day series but about 100+ hits on my blog barely 20 days after i started blogging. Feels nice to score a century at least here. Must admit, I would have been one of the larger contributors to these 100 hits. I believe, it's typical of any blogger, as one often checks for correction, improvements and importantly comments.

Though the idea of blogging has been lingering for sometime, it kicked off only after fellow runner’s blogging consistently. It definitely has lot of advantages. Junta get to know what i do or think these days though only few leave a comment. I have observed that friends far away from India, who chat or talk once in a fortnight/monthly now have better topics to discuss than usual monotonous stuffs like "how are you ", "what did you do " blah blah. Definitely i would encourage you to blog, if you already don't blog.

At least visit my blog often say 4-5 times a day even if you don't read them. This would increase hit count on my blog. Here is the deal, would do the same for your blog :-)

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