Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yoga to be made compulsory in TN

Atheist M Karunanidhi always dabbles with religion in some way, either supporting indirectly or going vehemently against Hinduism making tons of news. Of-late he seem to have mellowed down towards Hinduism otherwise how can one explain him sharing dias with Sai baba and Jaggi vasudev or not showing much interest in Kanchi Sankarachariyar's case ?

The latest goggly is making "Yoga" compulsory in TN schools. I am not debating if this idea is right but fluxed by the fact that Karunanidhi and TN govt going gaga over Yoga which is a complete USP of Hinduism. I wonder why DK, PMK or CPI is not protesting against this order.

One of reasons given by Education minister Thangam Thennarasu for making yoga compulsory is "Chief Minister M Karunanidhi himself is a regular practitioner of yoga and that is a secret of his good health". I learnt that Karuna learns yoga from "Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandram" run by Iyengars.

Don’t be surprised if Carnatic music is made compulsory. Music academy is just stone’s thrown away from Karunas house. He may like these soothing swaras as he gets older or who knows he probably has acquired a taste for this type of music giving up couple of mugs of beer.

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