Thursday, April 3, 2008

Arumbaagi Mutthhaayi Poovaay...

I have huge collection of IR's songs on my IPOD nano. This collection is my best companion during long runs. Best part is, get to hear those songs i have never heard before and with lot more involvement.

"Arumbaagi Mutthhaayi Poovaay" one such song i have never heard before but fell in love the moment i heard them. Sung by Thyagarajan and Susheela, "Arumbaagi..." Starts with beautiful flute piece, carried on by violin. Who can use flute and violin combo better than IR. Though the raga is Charukesi, has folk flair to it. Not sure who is the lyricist but he is not worth knowning here.

Listen to this song by clicking HERE

Another Charukesi from IR's list is "aadal kalaiyE" from film "Shri Ragavendra" sung by KJ. Keep a tab on the lyrics.

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