Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pack your bags

April 10 2008 is a black day for hardworking, intelligent, focused class irrespective if you are FC or BC. Though the SC judgment has taken a middle part by introducing a fancy term called "creamy layer", will the implementation be an easy affair? As usual the creamy layer definition would be doctored, adultered and favor creamy idiots. I wonder, why should there be policy if it is virtually impossible to implement.

Where does India go from year? Personally, I feel pack your bags and leave India otherwise you are not giving fair chance to your future generations. Already in TN there is virtually no seat available for FC's looking to study MBBS. Now that reservation in IIT's and IIM's, FC's can forget studying in these institutes. What abt quality? Who cares?

Private institutes like BITS, XLRI, ISB etc would gain prominence. One would probably see spurt is good private institutes catering to hardworking, intelligent and focused class. But can poor study here? Only a decently earning family can think of these institutes. Education would become a thing of rich.

I am afraid more elections India or its states face, more sops like free colour TV, reservations, waiver of loans en all. Living in India is becoming dangerous, so pack up!!


Sundararaman said...

Rightly said!! There is no room here for hardworking and intelligent students!! Finally, flucking Arjuns of the world have achieved immortality for notorious reasons..Another twisted mandalism..god save india!!

Anonymous said...

This is what is called as Politicking. It has more to do with the vote banks. Many priveledge class gain by these reservations and people who actually deserve these concessions are denied education. India is just going backwards by propounding such theories to win vote bank..........Sri