Saturday, December 22, 2007

Marathon and CEO connection.

Do marathon runners are best suited for CEO job ?. That is what a paper by KVSS Narayana Rao of ICFAI business school presented on Global CEO meet has to say. I am unable to up-load this pdf here. If you require a copy, Pls email me at Here is gist though

"Running a business is like running a marathon. Some of the skills essential for business success can be learnt, honed and demonstrated by training for and running marathons. Hence, some marathon runners among the eligible senior executives are being recruited as CEOs and some CEOs are taking up marathon running. Executives involved in marathon running comment that marathon running helps them to hone their managerial and business skills, improve their fitness level to manage their companies and help them manage their stress."

So, don't be surprised if i become CEO in couple of years rather think of investing in my firm from now on :-)

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