Sunday, December 9, 2007

Eari Katha Ramar

Located at Madhuranthakam about 70 Kms from Chennai, Driving down to Eari Katha Ramar temple along with my cousin Surekha and her family was an enchanting experience. This temple has story about miracle performed by Sri Ram during British rule. There supposed to exist a big tank that was damaged by incessant rain and repaires were to be attended immediately. Given the urgency, Then British officer wanted to use readily available materials (like bricks etc) orginally intended for building Shri Ram temple. But localites were against this idea, This made British officer to make of people for their blind belief over Ram. I believe Lord Ram and Lakshman appeared and saved the tank from overflowing by building a barrier using arrows. Apparently, this was visible only to the British officer and none around.

Route to Madhranthakam is fantastic. There is no good hotels around, You would be disappointed if you searching for raod side "Idli Kadai"

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