Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Being Ganguly

A man most Indians would love to hate in Indian Cricket before recent Indo-Pak series, He is none other than Sourav Ganguly. Though I am big critic of Dada (and still), of-late started to admire this comeback man for roaring from ditches to his carrier best form in recent series.

Sourav plays with lot of passion and shows his aggressions on the field, probably one of the reasons most of us hate him but this "Prince of Kolkata" has made incredible comebacks. First is when he was dropped from Indian team after 1992 world cup and made a comeback in 1996-97 for English tour by scoring back to back centuries. I believe the second one is mother of all comebacks, when Indian batsmen were reeling for form in South Africa tour in 2006, this man made a comeback by bailing out India in couple of occasions.

Being hard core critique of Ganguly, would still like to see how Ganguly plays in coming Aus tour. When India toured Aus last time, Ganguly then captain setup Indian batting for whole series by scoring 144 in the first test. This is another incredible performance as Indians are known to play poorly in First test in away conditions.

Picture below is from recent Indo-Pak series. Courtesy "The Hindu". Look at Dravid :-)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Man..I am so happy..
Lets see how things go down under..