Friday, May 23, 2008

Faith and Science

Experts from recent argument between Justice R V Raveendran and Justice Sorabjee on Ram-Sethu issue.

Sorabjee: "It is a long-established tradition in the country to worship the structure, which is believed to have been built by Lord Rama."
Raveendran: "Hindus worship the Earth, Ganga, the Gobardhan mountain and trees, (but) that does not mean that people do not do anything with them."
Sorabjee replied: "There is no need to look for any historical or scientific evidences whether Lord Rama made it or not, but that it is the faith of millions of people in this country."

Source Deccan-Herald

It has become a common thing to prove some faith scientifically by believers and disprove scientifically by non-believers. Big-bang itself a theory yet. So why see any faith from purview of science ?

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