Saturday, October 6, 2007

Power Hungry Gowdas

What a shame, An Ex-Prime minister stooping down to such low level to ditch his alliance partner BJP. This father-son duo have created situation to their advantage, not long ago this son toppled the then govt. by withdrawing support in the (supposed to be) absence of the father, the old rag put up a drama saying then that he was against his son's actions and acting as if he was about to
cut-off all relationships with his son. As some one said "Deva Gowda is not humble farmer but a fumble harmer".

Dirudrashtrays are always part of Indian politics

Deva Gowda-Kumaraswammy
iBal Thackeray-Udhava Thackeray

When will this family politics end in India?

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